BS19 (Little Downham – Coveney – Ely – Littleport – Pymoor – Circuit) (Revised 2003)

START at the grassy triangle Townsend near the west end of Main Street (B1411), Little Downham. Head west, bear left into unclassified road (0.3 miles) and follow through Coveney to join the A142 near Wentworth (5.9 miles). Care: busy road. Turn left onto A142, and follow around Witchford and straight on at a RAB to join A10 (9.0 miles). Turn left onto A10 and follow to A1101 at Littleport (14.6 miles). Turn left onto A1101 and follow to B1411 at the Hundred Foot Drain (17.9 miles). Turn left onto B1411 (Care: sharp turn with blocked view to left) and follow to junction with minor road Pymoor lane in Pymoor (22.0 miles). Turn left onto minor road (Care: sharp turn) and follow to outskirts of Little Downham. Immediately after Little Downham sign bear left onto another minor road, Brickkiln Lane, and FINISH where Bield Drove and another farm lane come out on left just before the right hand bend (25.2 miles).