BS/13A (Somerleyton Circuit) (25 miles) (Revised 2016)

Start at TP 31 opposite gate on right on St Olaves/Ashby road approx 1 mile northeast of B1074. Proceed to B1074 at Herringfleet. Left (CARE) via Somerleyton to Blundeston Pond. Sharp left (GREAT CARE) via Lound through Browston to turn left (CARE) at new junction with Beaufort Way onto new Roundabout on A143 Bradwell, turn left (CARE) onto A143 heading St Olaves, then turn left (CARE) onto B1074 to Ashby road junction at top of hill. Repeat one more circuit, after which turn left towards Ashby to FINISH opposite entrance to Blocka Hall Farm approx 0.25 mile short of start.