B50/20 (Attleborough – Snetterton – Wymondham – Attleborough Circuit)

START at paint mark on road adjacent to A11 westbound slip road – Attleborough (B10/3B Start) join A11 via slip road. Proceed westbound onto A11. Cross Attleborough RAB and proceed on A11 to exit onto slip road signed ‘Snetterton Circuit/Horse Welfare’ (brown sign). Take slip road to first RAB and take first exit. At second RAB take first exit, continue over A11 (bridge) to third RAB where take first exit. At fourth RAB take first exit to slip road to join A11. Proceed eastbound to start of circuit 0.64 miles before RAB (6.12 miles).
Start circuit: continue eastbound, crossing Attleborough RAB, passing all junctions, take slip road signed ’Mulbarton’ and take slip road to RAB. Take third exit across bridge to second RAB. Take second exit (slip road to A11 westbound). Retrace on A11 passing all slip roads to Snetterton Circuit/Horse Welfare slip road. Exit and retrace over bridge and RABs to rejoin A11 eastbound. Proceed on A11 to complete circuit 0.64 miles before RAB (28.06 miles).
Complete circuit to FINISH at paint mark 0.64 miles before RAB (50.00 miles).