B25/2 Revised (Tunstall – Bentwaters -Bromeswell – Butley – Tunstall)

START on B1078 at Tunstall Common approximately 0.5 miles east of junction with unclassified road to Wantisden, and approximately 20 metres west of forest cycle track, opposite “Deer” road sign. Continue on B1078 through Tunstall village (care on left hand bend in centre of village). Follow B1069 to Bentwaters roundabout, take 2nd exit onto A1152 and through Eyke (caution: 2 speed bumps and zebra crossing) to Bromeswell. In Bromeswell turn left onto B1084. Proceed through Rendlesham Forest to Butley. At bottom of hill turn left at Wantisden Corner onto unclassified road to Tunstall. At Tunstall Common turn left onto B1078 (beware of starting riders approaching from right) to begin 2nd circuit. At end of 2nd circuit FINISH on unclassified road from Wantisden to Tunstall Common approximately 300 metres before junction with B1078 adjacent to small tree, opposite “grass lay-by” and in line of sight with Tunstall Church.