B100/5 (Revised 2010) (Attleborough – East Harling – Browick – Attleborough Circuit)

START at paint mark on old A11 adjacent to Stag Hotel and White Lodge Public House, approx 25 metres from Attleborough RAB. Proceed to RAB, take 1st exit and proceed to sliproad signed’ B1111 East Harling’.Take sliproad and proceed to T junctionwith B1111. Turn right (caution) and proceed under A11 to sliproad to join A11 eastbound. Proceed on A11 via Attleborough RAB to Browick interchange, turn left onto sliproad signed ‘Mulbarton’ and proceed to Browick RAB (1). Take 3rd exit and proceed over bridge to Browick RAB (2), take 2nd exit to rejoin A11 westbound. Proceed on A11 to complete circuit at Attleborough RAB.
End of 1st circuit = 26.051 miles
End of 2nd circuit = 52.102 miles
End of 3rd circuit = 78.153 miles
On 4th circuit FINISH at paint mark on kerb approx 100 metres before Besthorpe BP Garage when returning from Browick Interchange. After finishing take 1st sliproad to Attleborough.