A message to organisers

As EDCA Courses Secretary its my responsibility to ensure that course records are kept up to date for publication in the District Handbook. To enable me to do this I need Event Organisers to send me Result Sheets. Despite a requirement in the Promoters Pack, sent to every organiser before the start of each season, few are doing this!

As well as the obvious ‘categories’, eg Men, Lady, there are now Trike, Tandem, Mixed Tandem, Tandem Trike etc, establishing or beating records.
It is embarrassing, having recently congratulated a lady on beating a course record, to find that it had, in fact, been beaten two years ago! I had been unaware of this purely through lack of results.

I am of the opinion that those who buy the Handbook, particularly those holding records, should be entitled to correct information.

It also goes without saying that I need new amended Course descriptions.
Please will you publish this

Mike Johnson
East District Courses Secretary